About Us

The fundraising space is, and always will be, a relationship-driven industry. Regardless of how technology has changed the way nonprofits interact with their donors, how donors’ attitude has evolved, or how the global health crisis has transformed the fundraising environment, building relationship is still the most powerful tool to get people to support a worthy cause.

Mission & Vision

To connect global communities and create a new culture of giving to support local causes.


To educate and empower nonprofit organizations to expand their donor base that can reach out beyond their communities, across the United States and around the globe; to help nonprofits develop a residual income stream that promotes growth and sustainability.

Governing Values

At Global Reach, we passionately believe that the knowledge of building a platform to generate recurring funds to help nonprofits sustain their mission is a gift from God. Our team could have not developed the idea and gathered the different business components together without His guidance every step of the way. We are all asked to become good stewards of this gift. This is a responsibility we are grateful for, and we accept this challenge with obedience and humility.

“I believe with all of my heart that God’s people possess God’s provision to accomplish and fulfill God’s purposes in the world.”

— Joel Vestal

Coming soon!

The Ultimate Community- Driven Digital Fundraising Solutions

In addition to the Crowdfunding platform, Global Reach is developing an innovative digital-based fundraising program, that will revolutionize the global giving environment and allow nonprofits to develop a true residual revenue stream that promotes growth and sustainability for generations to come.


Addressing a global concern that threatens the ability of nonprofit organizations to raise the resources they need to succeed.


A platform uniquely engineered which gives savings and value to the global community and provides nonprofit a residual income stream.


A social media-driven fundraising platform that leverages the global consumers’ online purchasing behavior to develop a residual income stream to nonprofits.


In a virtual environment, the sustainability of a nonprofit is anchored on the active participation of her global community members.


Building bridges and connecting communities of global givers to support local causes.


Appealing to the nobler motives of global donors and the human desire to make a difference.



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